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New Tribute to the young, unsigned Joni Mitchell with songs she never released herself.
A Joni Mitchell tribute featuring unique versions of unreleased material, loyal to Mitchell's guitar and vocal style. We have created a musical universe with i.e. rock guitar and Hammond organ, bringing these treasures to life in a way they truly deserve
 Big Yellow Taxi started out in 2001 as a café duo based on the respect and love for Joni Mitchell's music. Their demos were heard on the internet, and they were invited to play in the U.S. at a so-called Joni Fest fan gathering. Their first tribute CD, " A Tribute to Joni Mitchell", was recorded with the duo still being unaware of Joni’s unreleased song material. The latter was, however, presented to them, when they performed at the Joni Fest, which was held in Big Indian, near the town Woodstock, NY, ( famous for the festival to inspire Joni's Woodstock,)
In 2002. After the show, a collector of her music approached them with scrap tapes of the young Joni, thus inspiring the duo to record two more tribute albums, " Unknown and Famous Songs of Joni Mitchell" and "Treasures of Joni Mitchell", to the Joni Mitchell fan community's grand appraisal.
On the present album, “The Young Joni Mitchell DisCovered”, the duo once again shows respect for the originality of Joni Mitchell's music by demonstrating their loyalty to Joni’s guitar tuning and vocal style, something clearly separating them from the pack. It's a remixed and re-mastered compilation of the duo’s two last tribute albums featuring only material, which Joni never released herself.

Please visit and to know about and keep up with Big Yellow Taxi’s other projects. Christina Friis recently recorded the album The Quiet of Knowing, also a Joni Mitchell tribute album, which consists of more of yet other unreleased material, this time arranged by highly respected California guitarist and composer, Dave Blackburn. Blackburn also plays guitar on the album, and the album features Barnaby Finch, who played on Lionel Richie's and Diana Ross' hit song, on piano.